Friday, January 22, 2010

Ahhhh.....9pm.....Evie has finally crashed. She has had such a big day and isn't feeling the best so took forever to get her to sleep. Even two drives in the car didn't help. Just reluctantly put her down - it is so gorgeous holding her when she sleeps.

Ended up heading to RCH unexpectedly today. Evie has a insuflon in her leg which allows her to receive daily injections without actually having to be painfully injected. Anyway, it needed replacing sooner than expected. So we ended up doing blood tests and chemo while we were there too. And rather than staying there 'till 9pm tonight we will be heading back tomorrow morning for a blood transfusion. Will no doubt end up consuming most of the day I imagine.
Poor little bubby vomited after chemo today. Twice. Which in itself is very common, but has never happened to Evie before today.....was a bit unsettling for me and Scott. She has since had meds to help with it and apart from being tired, seems fine. She will be feeling even better after her blood top up tomorrow. God, she is such a little trooper!

After saying last night that I have no motivation to knit, I sat down and forced myself to pick up my needles.....and I am happy to report.....the bug is BACK! I am starting off with a teeny tiny pair of pants for Trent&Kettles bub....very simple, in a natural cream colour. Perfect since they don't know if their bundle will be pink or blue.
Looking forward to pay day so I can buy a new pattern book and hopefully some more wool. Must call Bendigo Woolen Mills so I can get a colour chart.

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