Sunday, April 7, 2013


Easter for us is quiet and simple. Sometimes it's easy to forget that simple still creates memories for children and grows meaningful traditions. Gathering with special friends. Building excitement around the magic and mystery of the Easter Bunny. Watching a fun Easter movie. Buying fresh flowers. Crafting with pastel colours. Getting snuggly as the weather cools with board games and blankets. Playing at the park to burn off all that chocolate! Simple and meaningful. Without particular intention I realised I have built these traditions with our family. Now that I am more aware, I make an effort to keep them going and build on them as we grow and change as a family. I hope they give my children a sense of warmth and home and belonging.

 Now I must get on with surviving the rest of the school holidays! I hope you have had a lovely Easter!

Jema xx

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So. It's been a ridiculously LONG time since I posted. I had almost decided I wasn't going to. Ever. It felt like there was way too much to catch up on. I'm not even going to try! I'm just going to pick up right here where I am today. I'm sure I'll fill in bits and pieces along the way. Of course I'm well aware this blog was started when my baby girl was fighting cancer. I'm aware that my followers (if you are still around?!) might like to know how she is going. Long story very short. She is doing amazingly well and has been off treatment and in remission for just over a year. I'm leaving it at that tonight. I might revisit it at some point. See how I feel.
I really hope to post  here regularly again. About motherhood. About life. About me and my tribe. And I want to include the little bits that I enjoy - crafty stuff, baking, parties.
I will be back again soon. Spruce this place up. Get some photos up.

Night xx

Monday, October 31, 2011


We started a new tradition this weekend. I don't care if Halloween isn't a typically Australian holiday. We bought a pumpkin(the smallest one I could find, to save the hip pocket!). We carved a pumpkin.

 I made jack-o-lantern biccies and chocolate spiders and marshmallow eyeballs. The kids are dressed up in costumes of their choice. Snuggled on the floor in the loungeroom. Watching telly by candlelight. A monster even delivered some funky green milk while Zack was at school!(incase you're wondering....adding all natural green food colouring to milk results in some interesting tasting didn't seem to notice though!) I love that I have the ability to do this for my kids. Create memories. Start traditions.

And I can't very well write this post without crediting a pretty cool woman....Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things is the queen of traditions and memory creating and doing fun stuff with her kids. And while I have been doing so without really realising since my first little person came into the world, Kelle has made me aware. Made me think about what we do as a family. Made me realise it is me. I am resposible for making sure my kids can laugh and remember their childhood with fondness and fun. And hopefully instill in them the passion to create memories for their own families when that day comes.

Far out, being a mum rocks.

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, Blogtoberfest didn't end up keeping me quite as honest as I'd hoped! I certainly have not been blogging daily. But I have been thinking about blogging daily....does that count??
Anyway, nothing like a good catch up post full of random bits from my last couple of weeks to get me back on track!

We love to walk to our local park to feed the ducks....

Playdough lollipops and wearing your bathers over your clothes.....dosn't get much better than that!

 Miss Evie is sooooo excited by the Christmas decorations adorning our local shopping centre (already!) we went browsing in the Christmas section just for fun.....Mummy can't wait!!!

Local library kills afternoon boredom/whingeing/tired tantrums. Yay for the library.

Miss Evie is a little bit in love with rainbows at the moment.....which equates to anything striped or multicoloured.....

Love a good freebie.....Eltham Miniature Railway had free rides for a day during Children's week....Toot, toot!

I believe we have a caterpillar....Evie and I stayed at kinder for some fun and games.....I barely see Evie when we are there, she just loves it!!

Crafty times at home, Zack having a sick day...

 Our family....through the eyes of my five year old......

Happy Weekend :)