Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So. It's been a ridiculously LONG time since I posted. I had almost decided I wasn't going to. Ever. It felt like there was way too much to catch up on. I'm not even going to try! I'm just going to pick up right here where I am today. I'm sure I'll fill in bits and pieces along the way. Of course I'm well aware this blog was started when my baby girl was fighting cancer. I'm aware that my followers (if you are still around?!) might like to know how she is going. Long story very short. She is doing amazingly well and has been off treatment and in remission for just over a year. I'm leaving it at that tonight. I might revisit it at some point. See how I feel.
I really hope to post  here regularly again. About motherhood. About life. About me and my tribe. And I want to include the little bits that I enjoy - crafty stuff, baking, parties.
I will be back again soon. Spruce this place up. Get some photos up.

Night xx

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