Monday, March 8, 2010

Four days.... home.

And here is what we no particular order....

Watched the weather radar and waited impatiently for the rain to come. Iced and decorated milk arrowroot biscuits. Rocked out to Guitar Hero and Singstar. Tried out a new fruit and veg shop. Baked banana bread. Made cards for our friends. Went birthday present shopping for Dante and Gypsy. Had take away two nights in a row. Played hide and seek. Dressed Miss Evie up in butterfly wings and rainbow legwarmers. Collected millipedes in bug catchers. Stayed in our pj's or daggies. Cleared wall space for all the new artwork coming home from kinder. Browsed and daydreamed about houses too far away. Enjoyed warm cinnamon donuts.

Yes, four days. Four normal days. Special.

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