Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a gorgeous day!

Most days around here the boys are up at the crack of dawn. Lucky for me Miss Evie is not and is somewhat reliant on my boobs to sleep. Not necessarily in her mouth. Just somewhere vaguely near her. This means I get to stay in bed 'till a much more humane hour.
This morning, just to spice things up a bit, she sat up - bright eyed and bushy tailed - at 6.30am. It was still dark. I moaned. Then I remembered Camberwell Markets. By far one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning. But of course, I rarely do.
So, I pulled the boys money jars down from the kitchen window sill and we tipped them onto the table and counted them out. Daddy discretely added some coins to one pile so they were a bit more even! We tipped out the grown ups money jar too and were pleasantly suprised to find about $20. Everyone got a zip lock back with their name(well, Mummy, Daddy and Evie shared since Mummy generally does all the spending and more often than not baby girl clothes are the order of the day) on it to carry their spending money. There was to be no going into our wallets!
The boys were pretty excited and we all got ready in a hurry and managed to get out the door before 8am. Of course the weather was the opposite to what we expected and were dressed for, but we survived!
The boys spent the contents of their zip lock bags on Lego. Not suprisingly, I came home with clothes for Evie. And a Spot book and Maisy Mouse soft toy. And I had money left over. So we bought chocolate hot cross buns for the trip home.....and ended up with three(yes *gasp* I let Evie have a chocolate hot cross bun) very cute little faces smeared with chocolate.

The sun finally came out on the way home. We took full advantage of the typical windy Autumn day to get heaps of washing done and did a bit of a clean up of the front yard. Leigh took great pleasure in following us around the yard with the green wheelie bin , Evie discovered she can walk around the yard without holding someones hand and Zack, in true five-going-on-fifteen style, stayed inside and played with his Lego in peace.

Decisions, decisions....Zack and Leigh mull over the Lego stall.

My finds :)

Miss Evie and her thong addiction!
Leigh helping us clean up the yard.
Now that is a cute little neck!
The boys wanted mohawks in the shower tonight....funny bunnies.

I have been mulling something over for the last few days. I'm thinking of creating a little Fairy Garden in a corner of our yard. Today's tidying totally motivated me. I will probably wait till after Easter to get started, but I have picked out a spot and can't wait to go shopping(will probably be more like a treasure hunt and will most definitely involve a trip or two to Savers and another Sunday morning spent at the markets) for bits and pieces. So anyway, this is the spot. Looks nothing now obviously...but you just wait!

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