Monday, April 19, 2010

Chilly Melbourne Mornings....

....lend themselves rather nicely to snuggly toddlers in cute hats and cheeky little boys blowing bubbles......cheered on by the excited squeals from their baby sister who is just discovering the magic of bubbles.

The weather has been just gorgeous this last if Mother Nature just knew Evie and I needed some warm sunshine on our faces after being in hospital for almost 3 weeks. And we have all been truly soaking it up! Taking little walks in the backyard, passing pegs and hanging lots of washing, drawing with chalk in the driveway....and wearing shorts and t-shirts!

And of course, no sunny afternoon is complete without jumping your little heart out on the trampoline! And calling out........."Watch this cool jump Mummy"...."Mummy! Are you watching me??"

I am completely and utterly loving this stint at home. So full of life. Of laughter and running and jumping and eating and shopping and toddler cuteness and kinder runs and just us.

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