Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Evie....super star....

With the Good Friday Appeal on yesterday, it appears Miss Evie has become a little celebrity....
Our local paper - the Diamond Valley Leader
The Herald Sun

And she was on the channel7 news and Sunrise this morning with Daddy saying a few words for the cause. For some reason I can't find the footage online.

Of course......television and newspapers aside.....she is always and forever a super star to us! Little Miss has been in Hospy since we arrived in Emerg. last Sunday afternoon with a sore eye and a temp. The inevitable 'crash' after chemo. One the fever subsided she was back to her normal self. So here we are, spending Easter in hospital with a ridiculously cute baby who seems way too well to be here.

Thankfully the Easter Bunny knows we are here and is making his delivery to the Children's Cancer Centre at RCH instead of home. Whew.

I will be back when I get home with lots of photos!

Happy Easter xxx

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