Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day....

.....was just lovely. We had no plans. We were going to play it by ear. And we did. By doing nothing in particular. I just enjoyed being a little bit slack, cherishing my babies(and having a little break from Little Miss Steroids), being spoilt with unexpected pressies and gorgeous handmade cards, and going a little bit over budget in the gardening section at Bunnings! And of course...not cooking dinner!

In the last 6 months I have come to hold my babies that little tighter, cherish them so much more and be grateful for every second I get to share with them. I love you my darlings. The minute I knew about each of you I was in love. Thank you for making me the very best Mummy I can be xxx

To my extra special Mummy.....I love you so very much. I miss you every day. I don't know where I would be without you. I cherish every phonecall. I am so grateful that you are you.....wise, clever, tolerant, compassionate, stubborn, creative, strong, emotional. I adore how you are with your grandbabies. God, I just love you!! Thank you for helping me to become the woman I am today.

And something else from today.....Evie's bath time. Her central line means baths are quick and shallow. Besides that she doesn't really like them much lately. And since she had her central line in I don't much like the photos we have taken at bath time. Which is a bit hard to admit actually. But it's the truth. Her line itself doesn't bother me generally. But when I look at bath time photos(of which there are hardly any, which in itself makes me sad) it seems to me like it takes over her whole self. I can't seem to see past it.
But tonight we got some beauties! I like them and I'm going to post them here....because I think that will help me too.

One more thing.....if you havn't already, then today is the day to read this.

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