Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yet another catch up...

So, there was supposed to be a little celebratory Evie has come to the end of intensive treatment blog post, a my baby boy has lost his first tooth blog post, etc, etc....but since Evie had us heading off to emergency with a fever two weeks we have yet another catch up post!

We did manage to get our little celebration in though! Just close friends and family gathering to celebrate our darling Miss Evie, who has been through so much this last 9 months. We are all looking forward to this next phase of treament being much gentler for her and whole lot easier on all of us.
We got the official go ahead yesterday and will get started on Tuesday. It will be long. I'm sure it wont be all peaches and cream. But it is what it is and we will suck every bit of goodness out of it we can...and you can be sure with Mss Evie around, there will be goodness a plenty! And while it will be easier...I will never stop worrying. I will never stop having those moments, where it suddenly hits me that my baby is fighting cancer. That it will be there, in the back of my mind for many years to come. As it stands, it will be a good 6 years before she is given the all clear. That's a bloody long time to hold your breath.
Thankfully, I have somewhat mastered the art of breath holding, laughing and living all at lets do the living and laughing part, and push that nasty old 'c' word aside for a bit....'cos our little world is about so much more than just that.

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