Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week One Wrap Up....

School week down, one to go! This week has been so big plans, no pressure....lots of hanging around home, a trip or two to the shops....and no rushing in the morning to get everyone out the door - and that is the very best bit!! Zack is totally lapping up every minute...pretty much living in his pyjamas the whole week! Leigh on the other hand keeps asking when kinder starts again, poor thing!

Letting of steam at a local park before dinner time....Miss Evie wet her pants...and couldn't have cared less!!

Blue skies at Harbour Town aboard the Queenscliff Ferry which was docked there for the day...

 Random giant T Rex at thought it was pretty cool though!

Last but not least....some random Grand Final day iphone shots. We had a couple of good friends over to watch the game....which, although the game was on we hardly watched it! Zack was loving it though and ran in with a score update every time a goal was kicked or point was scored! Was quite cute to see him so enthralled by the game. We are not much of a footy family at all, we really only watch the final and that's it...this was the first time he had any idea what was actually going on! I'm thinking we might be roped into Aus Kick this year!

And without jinxing myself...I'd like to add that Miss Evie seems to be doing exceptionally well lately and by some miracle we have avoided hospital these holidays so far!
Bring on week two!! Oh, and a touch more sunshine and a little less rain would be nice Mr. Weather Man....please.

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