Monday, January 18, 2010

Anyone noticed how frustrating Centrelink are??? No? Must just be me. Can you tell I had a bad morning with them this morning?! Four phonecalls later, I finally have the correct information(well, I hope I do)......and am well and truly ready to throttle someone. Instead Scott and I laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. What else can we do really?

Anyway, moving right along....'cos who wants to dwell on such annoying things? Not me.

We are off to RCH tomorrow. Evie had a finger prick today - all her levels are where they need to be to go ahead with chemo. So she will be having a lumbar puncture as well as seeing Dr. Heath in clinic and having chemo in Day Oncology. We expect to be in for many hours - portable DVD players will most definitely be utilised!

The boys have been so cute today. Zack is quite fascinated with all medical procedures, so the visiting nurse today gave him some supplies from her box. I later gave Leigh his own stash ( he was outside playing and wasn't remotely interested in what the nurse was doing) and topped up Zack's with some stuff from our box of supplies. They have been wearing grown up gloves ever since and 'finger pricking' me and Scott at every opportunity. As I type Zack's medical garb remains laid out neatly on the dining table.

Miss Evie has been so irritable today! Not because she's unwell. Because she wants to walk everywhere - she can't yet. And wants to go outside all the time - just a tiny bit impractical when it is raining all day long. Funny little bunny she is! Sooner she walks the better. Although, she will be into everything - she spends her days pointing and tantruming over all the things she can't have! Funny.

I realised today that it is only 3 weeks till my big boy turns 5. Snuck up on me! Which means both boys start Kinder in 3 weeks........not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not!


  1. I hope your little one is okay..I had a lumbar puncture when I was I was very sick. Best wishes xx

  2. Thank you. She is actually doing well at the moment. Unfortunately lumbar punctures are a regular part of her treatment....we thought it might get easier, but it just doesn't.