Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I luff my blog! So pretty now with my bird banner!

As predicted we spent the bulk of our day at RCH.
Not a single hiccup though - which in itself is a minor miracle!
LP went smoothly....little darling must have been buggered, took her forever to wake up from the anaesthetic.....and when she did, she sat up, put her arms out for me and gave me the most gorgeous cuddle! She has given me two of these cuddles, and let me tell you, they are pretty special! Her tiny little hands around my neck, in my hair and her face all squished up to mine.....just adorable....makes me all gooey. Love you Miss Evie :)

Had a bit of a moment today. On the way home in the car. It suddenly dawned on me that Evie will be fighting this cancer for all her toddler years. I've known the whole time, but I chatted to our nurse coordinator today about her treatment plan and it really - really- sunk in. Made me a bit sad. It's not like we are loosing our baby, but it kind of is. Those beautiful first few years - where they learn and grow so much and are so cute it's ridiculous - will be spent with Leukaemia. And I will always wonder how they would have been different. Will always wonder if everything she has to go through will change the little person she would otherwise have been. Might not make sense to anyone else. But I know where I'm coming from.

The boys spent the day eating...literally...didn't stop all day! And watching Mr Men on their dvd players. Leigh just loves that show.....really tickles his funny bone. He would happily watch over nad over and over if we let him.....which, on occasion, I am ashamed to say, we have. Anything for a bit of peace around here at the moment. Whingeing, from all three 'darlings' has hit an all time high. It is truly incredible!

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