Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taco Night. We had tacos tonight for the first time since Evie was diagnosed. I don't think anyone else realised, but I certainly did. Family meals have been far and few between lately and Tacos is such a good family meal. We all help each other, chat and laugh. And the boys LOVE taco night, picking their toppings and making it themselves - it's fun! Well anyway, it was just nice. Nice to sit down together to a proper meal and just enjoy. Even Evie joined in, nibbling on bits and pieces and thoroughly enjoying dropping said bits and pieces on the floor.

I had an unexpectedly productive day today. Not hugely productive, but just enough that I don't feel guilty about the dinner dishes still sitting on the kitchen bench.....that's right, the bench, not rinsed and stacked on the sink....but still on the bench. Domestic Goddess I am not - well in my head I am, in reality, not so much!
Anywho, back to my productiveness....
Christmas tree is undecorated and all decos are boxed up for next year. Tree and lights remain in the middle of the lounge. I'll get to it tomorrow.
Cleared all the junk from the hallway, leftover from overhauling the boys room.
Scott headed off with the boys to the recycling depot and Savers to get rid of a mountain of cardboard and some other junk.
Ummm, perhaps not as productive as I first thought! Doesn't look much written down does it?! It felt productive at the time.

Kids. Boys have been eating like nothing else. Bedtime has become a long drawn out saga, involving toilet stops, dobbing, getting out to get more toys, etc, etc, etc. Evie is eating more now. Will not be fed, must do it all herself regardless of consistency = mess, a lot of it.

Cute moment of the day - Evie had a nurse visit today to give her chemo. She was sitting on my lap and reached out for the hand gel. I gave it to her, thinking it's almost empty and it will take her a minute or two to figure out how to press the pump down. Or not! She pushed it down with her palm straight away and then..........rubbed her little hand together as if to clean clever is that??!! And so very cute. She played with it for a while - until I decided to capture the moment on film - of course it is no longer even vaguely interesting if Mummy has a camera pointed in my direction. I am determined to get it on camera though, so will give it to her again tomorrow and see how I go!


  1. I think I've got this worked out now. I am loving hearing about your days and how the kids are going. Loved the bit about the hand gel!!

  2. Yay!! I'm glad someone is reading it! And enjoying it! OMG the hand gel thing was soooo cute!

  3. Hey there! I just found your blog on Top Baby Blogs and it is gorgeous and inspiring. I am going to follow if you don't mind.

  4. I would love you too.....I'm glad you like it!