Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow...all the babies are in bed...asleep...unbelievable. We have taken Evie for a quick drive the last two nights and it seems to be working well. And we didn't let Leigh take any toys to put beside his bed tonight, just two soft friends to cuddle - lo and behold, he crashed in 10 minutes, no call outs. Zack, tried it on for a bit longer, but with no distractions he crashed pretty quickly too. Thank God.

I have discovered a a pretty yummy chocolate bar. Now, I like chocolate, but chocolate bars are generally not my first preference. However, the other day I was at Coles grabbing some stuff for dinner and I see this huge stand of choccie bars - Wispa Gold - imported from the UK. I grabbed a couple for Scott and I to try. And I am so glad I did! They are GOOD. You know that new 'bubbly' cadbury block you can get, kinda like aero? Well, they are that with gooey caramel on top. Did I mention how good they are?? Everytime I go to Coles I can't help but pick up another couple each. I seem to be the only person buying them - the stand is still full and they were on special today. I'm so tempted to buy a box! Might wait with fingers crossed to see if they put them out on clearance.

Knitting on the brain at the moment! No motivation to actually do it though. Really need to go shopping for some baby patterns - that will be sure to get me clicking again. I have so many scraps of wool. I'm thinking I might do a blanket - for Evie, for winter. And I want to get stuck back into knitting up cute pants for little people. I have a pair for Evie sitting in a bag and all I have left to do is the sewing up - again, no motivation. Would really like to get a few pairs on the go thought before winter hits and it's too late.

I just finished on of those choccie bars and I want another right now......

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