Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blood transfusion for Miss Evie today...she is looking significantly pinker and is somewhat happier than she has been for a couple of days. Still having a decent amount of good old fashioned princess moments though!
It was so quiet up in Day Onc today, which is most unusual. Evie and I spent 2 hours sleeping while Scott and the boys played in the playroom. By some miracle we were home by 4.30pm and the boys didn't fall asleep! If you're wondering why them not falling asleep is a good thing, allow me to explain. Any sleep during the day, particularly late in the arvo, undoubtedly results in two very grumpy little people who call out and carry on don't fall asleep 'till after 9pm - no thanks!

I have been managing to get little bits of knitting done in the car the last couple of days and I am halfway through the pants I am doing. They are going to be so cute and little. About to get stuck back into it tonight, might even get them finished.

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