Friday, January 15, 2010

I had a really great day today!

First off, the boys room is completely transformed and so user friendly now. I love it!
I have managed to fit pretty much every single toy they own into our new storage they actually have space to play in their room.

Scott did a fantastic job of getting the bunks put together - by 9.30 this morning! The boys were thrilled to much so that they didn't fall asleep until well after 9pm tonight. I must say, Evie was pretty excited too! She had a mini-tantrum when we took her down from the top bunk. I have some very cute photos I will put up soon.

So, after all our assembling and rearranging, the floors needed a good vac and mop, the toy-putting-away needed finalising, and well, I just wanted to pretty the room up a bit.
Clearly was not going to happen! The boys just wanted to climb all over the new bunks and drag out the toys faster than I could put them away. And of course, as always, everyone was hungry and thirsty...NOW. I conceded defeat, deciding it was probably in my best interest to feed the troops asap.
Scott promptly took over after lunch, putting Little Miss to sleep and taking the boys out to get some groceries....THANK YOU :) I salvaged just enough time to put the finishing touches on the boys room before Evie woke up. We had gorgeous sleepy cuddles in bed then got up together and tackled some washing that had been waiting days to be folded.
While his heart was in the right place, Scotts grocery expedition rendered some mildly distasteful results (baked beans for example, of the SPC variety...yuck. Heinz all the way in this house thanks very much!) I scrubbed myself up and headed out with the boys.....

We had a LOVELY time. It is so rare to spend any time with them without Evie being the top priority lately. We did our have to's, then headed to the foodcourt for an early dinner - just the three of us. Was nice to sit and chat with them about nothing in particular with no distractions. I love my boys so much. And, despite the brave face, I worry. I worry alot about how everything is effecting them at the moment.

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