Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crossing my fingers Miss Evie stays asleep long enough for me to do this! She has been a tad wakeful tonight.
I feel much better now I have prettied up my blog a bit. Will be a work in progress I think.What do you think of it? 'Tis fun to muck around with all the gorgeous freebies out there....but very time consuming!

Family good right now. Evie and I are HOME after a spending a week at RCH - fresh air is a lovely thing! Temp spike at 3am last Wednesday saw us heading into Emerg via ambulance. Blood cultures. Intravenous antis. All becomes so riduculously normal. Would never have known the little darling was sick. She was so happy, trotting up and down the ward at all hours of the day and night, pushing her pram and baby, waving at all her loyal followers! So bloomin' CUTE!

IKEA......I forget exactly how much I love that place 'till I go there. We now have bunks, storage drawers, a pretty pink rug, potted succulents, a pink mosquito net, kids washing basket, keepsake storage boxes & a new lamp. Ahhhhh....yes, I think that's all. Slowly but surely I will get this place looking spiffy! Task for tomorrow is to get he boys room happening. I can't wait!

On-going projects....nothing set in stone right now. Everything is kind of just floating around in my head. Something for Trent&Kettle's bubby - knitted, I think. My scarf, started two or three winters ago. Evies room. De-cluttering (ha!).

Must take Chrissy tree down......

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