Monday, January 4, 2010

So, I am completely new to blogging. Just spent way to long trying to figure out how to pretty up my page and got nowhere! Instead, I'm going to get typing. Save the prettying up for another time when my eyes can somewhat focus on the screen!

I am starting this blog for myself.
To talk about my beautiful family and show off how utterly stunning they are, in what will no doubt end up being way too many photos.
To vent.....about anything and everything. I really do love a good vent, and I'm sure Scott will appreciate me doing it here!
To ponder all things crafty and papery and wooly.
To cherish Evie, my precious baby girl who is living with Leukaemia, and tell her story from her Mummy's eyes.

If you find yourself reading my blog....Welcome! Enjoy!

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