Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leigh's first day at 3yo kinder!

And what a great day it was! After an early morning dress rehearsal with the all important Mr Men backpack, we finally headed off for a 2.45pm start. Parents stayed for the hour long session, just to introduce the kids to kinder gently. Leigh was very quiet, but had a great time with cars, blocks, peg boards and the sandpit. He found his voice when he wanted to show Geralyn something in the sandpit. Much to my surprise, he shuffled up the front for story time and asked Lynda to help him take off his name tag. We are counting the 3 sleeps 'till the next session on Friday.....when he goes all by himself!

Having a minor technological blip so photos will be in a seperate post....don't ask! Hopefully I will have it sorted by tomorrow night, when I will be reporting on Zack's first day!

On a side note.....I am loving the collages, what a great tool for showing off lots of photos....thank you Picasa and Helen at Ensparkle Ceramics for letting me in on this nifty little piece of technology!

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