Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are continually surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity and support of our friends, family, the hospital community, and our local community.
Today was no exception. I opened a letter today, from the boys kinder. Before I got halfway through I was in tears. Happy tears. They were writing to tell us that they are waiving all the kinder fees for both boys. What a load off our shoulders. We are so relieved and grateful.
We had a busy, but pretty great day today. First off we headed to RCH so Miss Evie could have a finger prick (brave chook didn't even cry) and see Dr.Heath. Everything going well there, aiming to kick her next round off with a bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture next Thursday. Until then we are (hopefully) free agents! Oh, and she had a dressing change too...once again, no tears.
Then we headed to kinder for Zack's first day of 4yo kinder(aka big boys kinder). We found his new bag hook, put on a name tag...and clung to my hand! Only took about 10 seconds of convincing to get him into doing a painting and he was fine. I took a quick photo(which I will share tomorrow night when the camera is charged) and left while the going was good.
In the meantime, the rest of us cruised around the Plaza in air conditioned comfort!
Upon my return 2.5 hours later Zack was beaming!! I was so pleased. I can always tell as soon as I see him if he has truly had a good time...and he had. Made my day!
Get home, boys get stuck into Lego. I hover around avoiding making a decision about dinner. End up plonking myself on the couch in front of the aircon and feeding Miss Evie. Decide to have a little look at her Central Line site......uh oh. Oooze. Heave a huge sigh. Get up and call Day Onc. I need to bring her back in so they can change the dressing again and take swabs. It is 4.30pm. So quickly get changed, finish cutting up some pineapple and off I go with Evie.
It is still bloody hot outside and the stupid aircon in our car isn't fantastic so we swelter the whole way there. Get up to Day Onc, have a cold drink and enjoy the coolness while we wait for Sandy to have a look at her site. Doesn't think it looks anything to worry about.....except......the 'cuff'(the part of her line that is supposed to be inside her) is poking out a tiny bit. Not a disaster, not brilliant either. Fresh dressing and some heavier duty tape. Instructions to keep and eye on it. Good to go.
Again, swelter the whole way home - 6.45pm.

And just to make things interesting and completely non relaxing - Zack vomits all down the side of the bunk and on Leigh! And the curtains. Nice.

Did I say we had a good day today? Oh no, that's right, I said great. I think what I actually meant was HECTIC! But it was good actually.We got through all the drama in one piece. We had a happy day today.

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  1. what great news about the kinder fees! I was so happy to read that, can't imagine how happy you would have been. Not such great news for Leigh getting spewed on. lol