Monday, June 21, 2010

Much Love Monday... all about taking a moment to focus on all the little things that all too often get lost in the humdrum of life.
Do you have a blog of your own? I would love you to create your own 'Much Love Monday' post and leave a link in my comments....and get your readers to do the same! Share the love and help banish Monday-itis!
And if you're not a crazy blogger like me, leave a comment and tell me....what's to love in your life today???

Today I am loving.... chocolate with whipped cream
...discovering Zack's two bottom teeth are wobbly!
... laughing at myself when I tried on every beanie in the shop today, trying in vain to find one that suited me....nope, I'm clearly not a beanie girl.
...watching Miss Evie potter around the house chatting away to herself
...that I have fresh flowers in my living room

Happy Monday :)

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