Saturday, July 17, 2010


The first thing we did this around 6am, before I'd even rubbed the sleep from my eyes....was get out our present wrapping supplies. We cut paper, tied ribbons and let Evie pull a ridiculously long piece of sticky tape out of the the Lego set Zack had chosen for his kinder friend would get to the party looking pretty schmick.
Now this party, a superhero party, for which Zack would happily have also gotten dressed for at 6am, was after lunch. Being 5 and silly with excitement meant that I answered the inevitable "how long till the party now Mummy?" countless times, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, depending on how many other things I was doing at the time and how loud the other two darlings were being!
Party time was 1pm, so at quarter to, Zack gathers up the present and his handmade card, very careful not to loose any more glitter....and off we go.
Gotta love that fake smile!

We arrive and Zack shyly rings the doorbell.
Now here's the clincher. Here's when the mummy guilt(not to mention a truckload of embarrassment) kicks in. The party is tomorrow.
What kind of mother doesn't triple check the date on the invite?
I actually don't think I have ever seen this particular mix of emotions on my little boys face before. Without a doubt, disappointment is there. Something else was in the mix too...embarrassment maybe...or something similar. Whatever it was I didn't like it!
Of course, it's not the end of the world and we will go along tomorrow and I'm positive Zack will have a blast and I will laugh at myself with the other mothers.
Doesn't mean I didn't feel terrible. So I promised my big boy we would do something super fun this afternoon to make up for me being so silly! Ten Pin Bowling it was....and we an awesome fun time....bopped along to the bad music under the even worse disco lighting...consoled Leigh when he realised the balls were heavy, really heavy...slipped our feet into funny shoes...cheered ourselves on...Evie spent the entire time just toddling the bowling balls with baby wipes....
And the winner is...

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