Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, last week I turned 30. The big three-oh.

I was going to write this a special, self-finding, inspirational post....but you know, I'm not gunna.

Instead I'm gunna tell you about the ridiculous amount of pressies I was showered with by my family and friends. The joy of all my littles climbing onto our bed as the sun was still rising to cover me with sloppy kisses and push handmade cards proudly in my face. The completely full feeling we walked out of the Pancake Parlour with at morning tea time! The fun of being pushed out of the house to pick up fish and chips for dinner so the boys could decorate(aka, put their party hats on and throw ballons madly around the house). Fresh flowers delivered to our door...tulips no less. Caramel Mudcake...warmed up on day two and drowned in runny cream. Dinner, out....you know in a restaruant...with well behaved children...and more cake.

Ok, so it's all about good food and pressies! I know it's about family and love and all that stuff. But I felt so spoiled this year anad I totally relished in it. Every bit of it. I don't get spoiled very often, nor do I expect to. Not at all. But this was really nice. Thank you....my man, my littles, my family, my friends. For making this one all about me!

Looking forward to this next decade and all the growing it will bring...


  1. So so glad you had a great day and felt like that you deserved it more that anyone in the world! Luv you sis!!

  2. Nice to hear you were spoilt rotten and surrounded by loved ones :-) I didn't enjoy the big 30 but I'd better embrace it hey! Can't turn back the clock :-)