Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunshine = pretty dresses

What a gorgeous day it was in our little neck of the woods yesterday! Blue skies all day. Heater off 'till bedtime. A window or two open. Washing on the line that actually dried. Yep, I feel Spring in the air.
Perfect timing for sweet little dresses for Miss Evie....I made this little one myself....Lizzy Pinny by Little Bird Patterns....made from scrap fabric I had stashed in the hall cupboard, waiting for the day I decided to try my hand at sewing. Apart from a dodgy nappy or two and a pillowcase made in Home Econmics, I am a complete sewing when I turned this in the right way, pressed and hemmed it and slipped it over the Little Lady's head...I was pretty pleased with myself!
For the first time in ages the kids went outside and actually stayed out there for longer than 20 minutes! They played happily in the brilliant sunshine all morning long....

Perfect way to spend our Sunday, especially after an unexpected stop over at the hospital on Thursday....only 36 hours or so this time....a record for us!And this one...well, just because he is such a little spunk....oh, and if you look closely you'll notice a bit of blood in his hair....for the second time he has come a cropper with the corner of our coffee table, thankfully this time we got through it without calling the ambos!

And it turns out that the rain they predicted is staying away and we are graced with blue as blue skies again today....makes for a very bearable Monday!

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  1. Lovely pics. It is so nice to be out in the sunshine and soaking up the rare rays!