Monday, October 11, 2010


Four years old. Seriously? Who? When? My son you say? Nah, couldn't be. I just brought him home from hospital a couple of days ago. Didn't I? No?
Geez, time truly flies by when you have little people in your life. Like really flies by. People tell you, when you have this tiny little cherubic newborn cradled in your arms, how fast they grow up. How you should cherish every second. They'll be all grown up before you know it. And you smile and you laugh and you say you know, I will.
And then you turn around and's happened, just like they said it would, right before your very eyes. Your little baby is not so much a baby anymore.
But of course, us Mothers know.....they'll always be our babies. Always be our babies.
And really, I shouldn't be complaining. Four is hardly grown up. Four is still all cute and cuddly. Four still cies for a Mummy Cuddle when he is hurt or scared or just 'cos. Four doesn't bring his dirty washing home on the weekend. But boy does Four have a lot of dirty washing!
Many Mummas are watching their babies do much more grown up stuff. Their babies are having their own babies. Their babies are going to war. Their babies are finding cures. Their babies keep them awake till 4am when they finally hear their key in the door.
But my perfect middle turning Four. And I am ever so grateful that I have many, many years to come watching my baby grow and learn and just be. Just be the amazing person he was made to be. The little person who, every single day, makes us laugh. 'Cos he is crazy, crazy, crazy, this kid and I love him to bits.....


  1. That is such a beautiful blog, he is so beautiful, middle babies are so special, glad to hear he had a great party. Is his bday the 13th? Ive probably got it wrong but Happy birthday gorgeous we all love you very much, have a great day!!! So much hugs n kisses xoxoxoxox

  2. They do grow up so quickly. He looks like a gorgeous cheeky little chap. Lovely set of shots!