Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One proud Mumma...

Zack started cricket today. Just an hour a week over Summer. Just basic ball skills and a bit of fun. And he didn't do anything spectacular out there today. Aside, of course, from just being himself. He threw himself into every minute of it with all his might. And of that, of him being his beautiful little self, I was proud. So very proud. He is such a beautiful boy. Growing up fast. Growing up in the not needing to hold my leg in new situations kind of way.
Watching him join all those kids he has never laid eyes on before. Listening to the coaches and following instructions without a backward glance. Lining up for a sausage in bread all by himself. Running down to the oval and joining a circle of little boys to look at ants. All that made me proud. Proud of him and a little bit proud of me...I like to think I helped him get there. Watching his confidence grow and grow and grow is an amazing thing. I hope it never leaves him. I hope he has the grounding to always hold his head high and be confident in the person he is.
Oh, and don't get me wrong....I was proud as punch watching him practice batting and bowling! It's just a different kind of proud. Makes your chest swell, but doesn't tug on your heartstrings in quite he same way.
And with proud comes my camera! I was the only Mumma there with my camera. Switching lenses so I could see him up close. Click, click, clicking away. And I'm glad. I love, really love, capturing every minute. He'll be going to cricket every week. But he'll never be going for the first time again. And I bet when he's all grown up, I wont remember his little face on that first day of cricket....well I will now, cos I was the clever Mumma with the camera click, click, clicking away!


  1. Don Bradman EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Here I come!
    That is so my Grandson!

    Love Mumsy x

  2. Oooh I can't wait til my little girl is old enough to start cricket (she's 3.5 and cricket MAD!). She started soccer on Sunday, her first ever session of organised sport- sniff!- and I was proud too. Zack looks like he's having a ball (no pun intended!). I LOVE the pic wih him sitting at the back of the group!