Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I heart Camberwell markets....

I love to buy second hand stuff. I love to op shop. And I love Camberwell markets. Did I say love? Yep, LOVE 'em. Completely my favourite market of all time. If I'm honest, the real reason I love Camberwell markets so very much....childhood. They are one of my fondest childhood memories. Who knows why. Nothing ever especially eventfull or memorable happened about them. Well, unless you count the time I locked myself inside the public toilet cubicle and my darling little Mummy had to scale the wall to get me out. Or did she shimmy under the door? I can't quite remember. I'm sure she will come along at some point and clarify for us!
Anyway, the point is I love going there. I love the memories, I love the atmosphere. And of course I love, love, love the funky little flea markety finds. Sadly, I manage to actually get there far less regularly than I would like. Husbands, well mine anyway, don't seem to have a very sound understanding of what happens at a flea market. The browsing, the rummaging, the chatting, the frequent stopping, the back pedalling, the umming and ahhing......oh and the need for him to run to the ATM for me when I run out of cash! So infrequently we go....which actually might make each visit that much more meaningful.
So, Sunday morning arrives and the weather is perfect. So Camberwell markets it is. Joy. and my favourite find is actually not flea markety at all, not second hand at all. But beautiful, beautiful wool. Just three cute little balls...of locally spun, hand dyed in the most stunning colours, ridiculously soft ausstralian merino wool. Bought direct from the maker herself. Love.
And here is a little taste.....a new little creation...this one for Miss Evie, my rather uncooperative model!.....with hopefully more to come to Jembelina Knits, my little madeit store....

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  1. Gorgeous! Just found your mum's blog via wordless Wednesday :-)