Thursday, November 11, 2010

This one will be picture-less...

....since uploading photos is pretty well impossible when my dear husband is palying online games. Yep, I'm living with a fully grown teenage boy. Lucky me.
So, since I have been absent for a week or two, thought I'd jot down a few words. Keep it flowin'. And, if I'm honest, there's a particular post I truly want to write, but am kind of avoiding. It has to do with Little Miss...who had her central line removed last week. Which is fantastic. Really it is wonderful. But it makes me think...alot. About stuff I'd rather not be thinking about all the time. And I can't write a blog post about it and just flit over the details in my mind. And I think if I let it, it would possibly all pour out right now. But I'm not ready. The thinking and the reliving is hard enough without putting it down in words. So, I'll save that for another day.
Instead, I'll go all light and lovely on you and share the little things that make me smile.....
warm days and summer little words finding their way out of a sweet little girls mouth.....the pending excitement of a little boy starting school next year.....successful sewing.....dress-up party prep.....taking up where we left off with old friends....oh and so much more. But here I will leave it for tonight.
Have a lovely weekend. Call an old friend. Hold your littles(or bigs!) tight. Do something just for you xxx


  1. Though you haven't written a lot it says actually a lot. Lots of emotion flowing. I love the things that make you smile and thank you for the reminder to cherish the important things in life (says me who is hugging my precious lil one right now) :-) xxhugsxxtoxxyouxx

  2. as always a beautiful post jem, we are here to listen when you are ready to let it pour out xxx

  3. I love you my darling and the three beautiful grandchildren you have given me...what more can I say...

    Mumsy xo

  4. I hope profoundly that things just get better and better. I also hope that as that blog post you can't write yet begins to formulate in your mind and make its way onto the page that it brings some lightness and relief to your mind. And finally, I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend and do something for *you*!