Friday, December 31, 2010

Did you know Candy Buffets are the new black??

Well, they are apparently and just quietly, I love them.
For those who don't know, Miss Evie arrived into this world two years ago in the wee hours Christmas morning....which, apart from being the best Chrissy present ever....means just a tiny bit more effort gets put into the logistics of our Christmas!

This year we were away from the humdrum of the silly season, taking a well deserved week of beachside goodness. So our Christmas was quiet, relaxed, simple. As was Miss Evie's bought ice cream cake presented to the tune of 'Happy Birthday' sung by her four favourite people in the world. What more does a little girl need really?!

A pretty, girly, pink, Candy Buffet. We invited close friends and family for a belated, relaxed Christmas lunch, followed by 'Miss Evie's Candy Buffet'. And, even if I do say so looked gorgeous! As did the guest of honour.....Happy Birthday my beautiful, funny, clever, brave, two year old. I love you Miss the moon and back baby girl.


  1. Wow! That is like something out of a fairy tail!
    You are so clever Jema it looks amazing, Happy Birthday Evie your mummy has done a very special job and you deserve it beautiful girl!! xoxoxox

  2. What a pretty, pretty party! Just perfect. Happy Birthday to your lovely little one. xxx