Wednesday, January 5, 2011

vintage sheets love....

I love to op shop. Usually I buy clothes for the kids, which I love to do and find some awesome stuff. But lately I have found myself scouring the linen section. I never normally bother or remember to take photos of my finds. But I am loving these vintage sheets I have found recently, so here they are.......This one is a bedspread and it's huge! cool is it? I am hoping to chop it in half and make the boys a blanket each to snuggle under on the couch in winter.

Oh, and this cute little dish...probably made in china and not vintage at all, but I couldn't resist it!

I have no idea if these sheets are vintage or not.....but I had them on my bed when I was little so the nostalgia won out and I grabbed them.....think they would make pretty cool shorts for the boys... to dust off the sewing machine and have some fun with them all!


  1. What a great find! Finds like that are few and far between, so you are very lucky.

  2. I had those sheets as a kid too but they are very faded now. Yours look in good condition. Cushions or a bean bag would be cool too.