Sunday, December 12, 2010


As I type this, Miss Evie is her own little bed, in her own little room.

She has slept with us since she was born. And I wouldn't have it any other way. The cot (minus it's side) has been home to a great number of soft toys, folded quilts and dolls. To the point where she didn't even recognise it as a bed! So, a couple of days ago I bought some new linen.

Well, she was beside herself with happiness when she saw me making her bed up! She hopped in and out, pulling the covers up and was very cute!

I have no probelm with her sleeping in our bed, but I wanted her to know there was a bed in her room if she wanted to use it. And tonight at bedtime, she took me in there by the hand shhhh-ing....asking to sleep there. There was a minor showdown when I closed the blinds and she realised this was for real, but she still chose her bed over Mummy's.....

So long as Mummy still layed down to breastfeed her to sleep. So there I lay, curled up on the very edge of her cot, hoping like mad that it wouldn't go crashing down to the floor with my weight! Thankfully she drifted off quickly and has been sound asleep since. It will be interesting to see what happens overnight!

I will be a little sad if this is it for sleeping with me!
And excuse me....but look at all that beautiful hair!

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  1. My grandaughter is so beautiful...what else is there to say except...I wish I was there and I love you.
    Grammy xxx ooo