Thursday, June 9, 2011

No fever, please!

For those who don't know......if Miss Evie gets a fever(even a mild one) we ship off to the emergency room at RCH and generally end up on an antibiotic drip....her immune system is shot thanks to the chemo. And we have come to sense when a fever is coming. Sometimes we are suprised, but usually we know. She gets clingy. She wants the boob constantly. She looks worn out.

These last couple of weeks tonsilitis has come to visit....and by some miracle left without touching Miss Evie or Daddy. Until yesterday....Daddy and I woke up with the tell tale killer sore throat...more antibiotics. Awesome. Miss Evie has a runny nose. She slept on my boob last night. All night. She looks worn out. Again, awesome.

She is sleeping now with a cool forehead. My hand will reach to touch it frequently till this passes or I feel heat. I hope and cross my fingers tightly that this passes without incident. I had plans for a cozy weekend, filled with board games and baking so given our luck lately.....that probably means I will be bundling Miss into the car sometime in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Send us your positive vibes please for a fever free weekend!

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  1. 1 million no fever vibes are on there way to you Jem. Baking and board games it is. Your baby girl is so lucky to have you and hubby to watch over her.