Friday, June 24, 2011

Girl's Got Style...

Oh how she loves to accessorise! Thankfully it is more often than not, short lived and she can generally be convinced to wear coats and gumboots when we venture out into the cold Melbourne Winter! In the meantime, inside with the heater's damn cute!

It's hard work being so utterly adorable....


  1. OMG! How lucky am I to be Grammy to one of the cutest kids on the block...I say 'one of' because I absolutely love, love, love my three grandbabies! Gorgeous photos my darling girl.
    Love Mummy x

  2. Hey Jema, haven't been by to check out your blog for a bit, so I missed this post. How utterly adorable Miss Evie is, I love her mix and match fashion.
    Hope all is going ok where you are now....hugs to you all.

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