Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello sunshine, where are you?

We are in desperate need of some warm weather I believe! Everyone in the family seems to have been sick with some bug or another for what feels like months! Yuck.
And  Miss Evie wound up in hospital for yet another month long stay. Which is why my poor little blog has been slightly abandoned lately! So here is the last month in pictures, since I am way too tired to put together much else tonight!


  1. Jema it was so lovely to see you all on Friday, even if it was only brief. I am praying for sunshine for you all, and that it comes really soon. God bless you both, your beautiful boys and Miss Evie. Hugs Linda

  2. Taking deep breaths beautiful grand daughter - these photos have totally given me goosebumps. You do me proud as your Mummy my darling Jem, I love you and I know Evie is safe in your mum xo