Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As I type this Scott is driving around the block with Miss Evie - it is taking much longer than normal, so my guess is she will be awake and crying when he gets back. I am also trying my very best to ignore the fact that the boys are shrieking rather than falling asleep. Every now and then I'll shout out for them to "Shoosh!" but anything more than that would require me getting up from my chair and at this point it just ain't gunna happen!

We shared some freedom today, Scott and I. This freedom I speak of is a rarity. Today it involved going shopping minus two of our children. We were like kids in a candy shop! Didn't know what to do first! We ate and drank purely to experience doing so in relative peace!
The purpose of our little adventure was to get Zack's birthday present. Who knew the world of Lego could be so confusing!! We came out with a fire station, dump truck and 4wheel drive with horse float - which will hopefully put a huge smile on his little dial!
Our little outing came courtesy of Aunty Shell who looked after Zack and Leigh...after dying my hair(thank you, I feel like a new woman) and cutting theirs - two very spunky little monkeys I have!

So.....Evie is still awake, the boys are quiet, but not yet asleep. Soon, very soon, our house will be peaceful....and I can KNIT!


  1. guess what I did today - leggo - checked out the leggo - great minds....I rather liked creative leggo House - will talk to you about it very soon! love mumsy. xo.

  2. oh friday nights.. what friday nights!! my hubby and i decided to have a date night every friday about 6 months ago... the closest we go was getting a pizza delivered at 11pm.. purely because we were starving and i had no energy to cook :o) ah well.. one day i'm sure i'll be sitting home on a friday and hoping for one of the kids to call cause the house is tooo quiet without them!!