Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not really in the mood for constructing well thought out sentences tonight, but I do feel like saying a few things, so I will keep it very simple!

1.We now have a mini supply of WhispaGold choccie bars...yay!
2.Krispy Kreme doughnuts are yummy, yummy, yummy....but probably not quite worth what we spent on them.
3. It is after 11pm and all three kids have not long gone to sleep.
4.Chadstone Shopping Centre is ridiculously big, a little bit snobby and still stirs up lots of memories.
5.Zack and Leigh were not remotely interested in seeing the house Mummy and Daddy used to live in.
6.Sanity was saved tonight by going grocery shopping at 8pm with the whole tribe. Note to self- taking Scott with me is more work than going alone with three kids.
7.It is Australia Day today. No different to any other day for us really.
8.Grocery shopping consisted of a trolley almost full of snacky type stuff I would never normally buy in an attempt to quash constant demands for food every time we step foot in the hospital.

And finally.....knit, knit, knit......I am on a roll. Managed to finish off one pair of little pants, get halfway through another and start one more pair. Using up all the wool I have before I go silly buying any more. The pair I am halfway through have turned out so much better than I imagined. I had some green wool....not sure why I have it, green isn't really my first choice. Figured I may as well knit it up. Did some funky stripes and added a hint of natural...they look great. I am so pleased with them!

Miss Evie is doing well after her chemo yesterday. Was a very long day as she had to have hydration before and after, so we got there at about 8/8.30am and left and 6.30pm. Everyone was exceptionally well behaved! We will head in again on Wednesday(hopefully not before!) to see Dr.Heath and find out what her counts are doing. Once they bottom out and recover we can head into the next round.

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